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The Pro-Bono Attorney Dedicated to Individualized Service

Specializing in David Versus Goliath Matters, including Personal Injury, Civil Rights, Family Law & Litigation.




Passionately pursuing justice for the injured. Few things are worse than suffering a severe injury or losing a loved one in a serious accident. For many people, such an experience results in significant physical, emotional, and financial setbacks. We are here to help. Don't let the insurance company injure you again.


The law provides everyone in this country with rights and privileges that help guarantee their safety, freedom, and ability to live well. Unfortunately, these rights come under target from politicians, police departments, hate groups, and other organizations every day in the United States. At the core of every case The Hilborn Law Firm takes is the belief that you deserve justice, and this is most evident in our civil rights practice. 


The attorneys at The Hilborn Law Firm are capable of handling many complex family law matters, which include matters related to divorce, child custody and child support, among others. Divorce can be stressful on all impacted parties. We believe your attorney should not add to the stress. We will take care of you. While cases pertaining to family law often involve difficult tasks, our attorneys meet those challenges head on by combining an extensive knowledge of family law with a strong work ethic and sensitivity to the emotional needs of our clients. We are litigators when it is necessary. This gets our clients the most from big corporations.


Make sure the attorney you choose is ready to go to trial. If the opposing party knows that your attorney tries to avoid trial, it gives them the upper hand. There are times when you want an attorney that can go to trial and win. That is always the goal at The Hilborn Law Firm.



The Hilborn Law Firm was founded for one simple yet very important reason: to get results for our clients, period. For this reason, The Hilborn Law Firm is very selective of what clients we accept. We don't get behind clients we don't believe in. However, if we are behind you, we will do everything we can under the law to get our clients their desired results.


We analytically measure the success of our firm and each attorney based on client feedback, client savings, case closure rate, trial success, and involvement in the legal and business community. Our firm uses the latest technology to increase our efficacy.


Our firm’s internal structure is predicated upon truly understanding our clients. We constantly communicate with our clients to discuss case assessment and litigation strategies, make recommendations and provide insight into every step of the process. We formulate litigation strategies based not only on each case's law and facts but also on the vision to advance our client's overall goals.



Don is a high school dropout that went on to get a bachelor's in Information Technology and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence.  Don is the youngest of eight children. He grew up on Welfare while both parents worked. At an early age, Don was inclined to help the little guy. This culminated in Don becoming an attorney. Don attended law school later in life at night while working full-time as an Enterprise Solutions Architect. Don also raised a family of three during that time. Often Don would read cases at the dinner table and discuss the case's merits. Don's oldest child became a decorated war hero who worked his way from private to major the hard way. Don's middle child is finishing law school and will start as a Public Defender soon. Don's youngest is a Software Engineer at a tech company. Don chose to form the organization People Positively Impacting People. The Hilborn Law Firm supports this non-profit with legal activism. Don does not receive any profit for his services. Don knew he needed to become a lawyer after he
defended himself in a speeding violation case.  It is not what you think. Don chose a jury trial, and in his own words, "I was pushed to the very last timeslot in the day. A man approached the judge and explained that he had received a $500 ticket for a broken taillight on his commercial vehicle. He told the judge that he was in business for himself, but he lived week to week. He mentioned that school would start soon, and his two children needed clothes and supp
lies. He asked the judge for a warning. He explained that the taillight was likely broken when he backed into something at a job site. He told the judge if he ever backed into anything again, he would check his taillight. The judge had no mercy. She said to pay the fine or lose my commercial license. I couldn't take it. I stood up and yelled your honor. The judge responded quickly and told the bailiff to sit me down and remove me from the courtroom if I uttered another word. Well, finally, my trial came, and everything just clicked. It was after 5 pm when we started Voir Dire. The judge was upset with me as she sustained all the Prosecutor's objections and overruled all of mine. There was a point where I asked the Court Reporter to read back the officer's statement. The judge snarkily said you did not request a court reporter so she is not taking notes. In didn't matter; I was on fire. The trial was going late, and the judge and her staff became increasingly frustrated. In great detail, the Prosecutor had drawn out on a chalkboard where the alleged violation occurred. I seized on the flat chalkboard. I asked the officer if the hill obstructed his view. And was it possible that he checked the speed of a white box truck that passed me and then decelerated quickly upon seeing your patrol car? So I passed the white box truck just before seeing you. The officer said there was no hill. So, I asked the officer if he was at ground level in his squad car. He said yes. Then I asked if I was exiting this freeway, pointing to the freeway drawn on the chalkboard. The officer said yes. Then I asked what we call this section of freeway in Houston. The officer responded with a formal name. I said let me restate my question to make sure I am clear. What do most Houstonians call this section of the freeway? He repeated the formal name. I asked the officer if he knew the jury was from Houston. One of the jury members spontaneously laughed. The judge looked sternly at the juror. I asked the officer if he had ever heard of this section of freeway called the Pierce Elevated he said yes. Ah ha, I thought. So, I asked whether the hill obstructed the officer's view. The officer said there was no hill. I asked if I was exiting the Pierce Elevated and you were at ground level; what did I do - go to ground level instantaneously? I slammed my wooden heel into the tile floor, and it echoed through the courtroom. One juror burst out in laughter and clapped his hands together. The judge instructed the jury. At that moment, it became clear that I was to advocate for those without an advocate. The juror came back unanimously not guilty. I thanked them and started walking out of the courtroom. The judge shouted wait, Mr. Hilborn; my staff has some documents they need to get ready for you. With tremendous confidence, I said no, your honor, I am good. Your staff can finish their paperwork without me. The next day I started researching and applying to law schools. I currently work with no more than two clients at a time. My revenue stream is not solely from my firm; I never charge a customer anything if the amount awarded does not exceed their expectations.


Don Hilborn


Tel: (832) 444-5463




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Tel:  (832) 444-5463


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